Club Scouts

  • ISC  hosts Scouts of 1st and 2nd division professional teams from Europe and USA once or twice a year to attend team trainings.
  • Provides a lifetime opportunity for our young athletes to be seen and evaluated at our home field without travelling. 
  • ISC players have the opportunity to build a relationship with few of the most popular Club Scouts in Europe and USA.
  • ISC will schedule a closing meeting with the Scout and the players and parents at the end of the week to get the Scout’s feedback and input. 
  • This service is Free for all ISC development and competitive players
 Club scouts
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Benefits of Professional Career in Soccer

The health benefits of playing a high-intensity sport like soccer are undeniable. The top five perks of being a part of a professional soccer team.

1. World Travel

Professional soccer players are genuine jet-setters. Whether for friendly matches or huge tournaments, leagues are on the road, often traveling to far-off lands for their work. While their grueling travel schedule can take a toll during the season, it also proves a benefit when they’re not on a tight schedule. During the off-season, they can use their celebrity to travel the world for fun or other causes. 

2. Financial Opportunities

The base salary of professional soccer players is far from their only financial avenue. Their name can be a brand in itself, and companies can use that to generate revenue. Companies are willing to pay generous amounts to players willing to put their face on a cereal box or sponsor a line of soccer cleats. These deals can add up quickly, sometimes outpacing their pay from the league. 

3. A-List Friends List

Professional sports is a favorite past-time across the world, and it’s no different for celebrities. Being a famous person allows one access to front row seats and chances to meet players that are not afforded to the non-famous. Soccer players can build relationships with celebrities and be a part of the upper-crust of society. 

4. VIP Treatment

Being a part of the professional soccer team means getting special treatment almost anywhere you go. Famous chefs love dining professional athletes as it is a way to gain popularity. Players are constantly being sent free products from companies to try as a marketing tool. Whenever they travel , they don’t have to worry about every day travel arrangement. There are people tasked with completing these duties so the players can focus on other aspects of their job. Also, professional soccer players are well known by their fans. They are pretty literally celebrities on the field and off, and adoring fans willing to shower them with praise are not hard to find. 

5. Do What You Love, Love What You Do

One of the biggest perks of playing soccer professionally is getting to do what you love every day. And get paid generously for it! Even if a team is on a losing streak in a season, a player’s love for the game keeps them coming to work every day. The feeling of watching your hard work pay off is indescribable, but watching the hard work of your whole team effectively put into action is one of the best feelings in the world.