International Soccer Club in Mississauga welcomes the Long-Term Player Development (LTPD) vision of the soccer game in Ontario and Canada.  Long-Term Player Development is unique with its fully developed Player Centered and Club Focused Approach.  LTPD offers a comprehensive path of development for players, coaches and referees, based on the technical, tactical, physical, and psychological performance components of the soccer game. The performance components are broken down to goals and objectives needed to be considered and trained in 7 Fundamental Stages of development commencing at ages of four that continue all the way to men and women in recreational and competitive soccer. International Soccer  Club Developmental Curriculum is fully embodied in the philosophy and principles of LTPD. The LTPD guidelines and objectives are designed to continuously enhance the quality of the development programs at ISC.

International soccer player pathway


Development Matrices

Grassroots Standards U4 to U13

Coaches Guides

Game Organization Guide

Festival Organisation Guide

Inclusive Programming Model

Incorporating Physical Literacy in our Practices

Game Day Management Resource

Ontario Soccer Resources

Please visit Ontario Soccer for further Player Development and Grass-root Resources  

Ontario Player Pathaw

Please visit Ontario Soccer for Ontario Player Pathway  

Program Summary

  • Practice Sessions Tailored to Each Skill Level
  • Technical, Tactical & Physical Player Development Curriculum
  • Player Development Progressive Report
  • Certified & Paid Coaches/Session
  • Practice T-shirts Included
  • Year Around Program, 2×6 Months Sessions.
  • 1.5 Hour Session, Twice/Week
  • Same Location/Week