Club Scholarship
  • ISC Scholarship Program offers $3,000 education scholarship every year to 2 ISC players (Male or female)
  • ISC players who have demonstrated Academic and Athletic excellence over their High School years.
  • Scholarship is an incredible source of financial assistance to first year University or College students.
  • 10 Reasons why you should apply for ISC Scholarship:
    • Minimize student debt
    • Help fill the void left by public education funding cuts.
    • Support equitable outcomes
    • Free up time for studying
    • Support student performance
    • Expand your network
    • Lead to future job opportunities
    • Support social issues
    • Allow you to continue a sport when athletic scholarships are unavailable
    • Great addition to your resume

Club scholarships
Scholarship for soccer players
Scholarship for kids
International soccer club scholarship

Club Scholarship Program

Applicants criteria:

Participated in ISC Competitive Programs for a minimum of Four consecutive years and is currently an active participant.

Demonstrated team leadership and volunteer participation in community activities in either soccer or other activities

Demonstrates Academic and Soccer Excellence through her/his last three consecutive years with the team. 

Applicants shall be selected through a Third party committee an arm length from ISC board, management, staff, volunteers, parents and players.

Phone: (905) 824-7242



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