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Ontario Soccer is proud to announce the launch of the Long Term Officials Development (LTOD) program. Over the past three years, the Match Officials Development Committee and Staff have surveyed, conducted analysis and discussed programming with thousands of registered match officials, Districts Referee Coordinators, clubs and relevant stakeholders throughout Ontario. From that work the LTOD program has been designed and it will advance match officials development in the same way LTPD revolutionized player and coach development. A five-year strategic initiative, the LTOD is now an integral component of the Operational Plan of the Soccer Operations Department. LTOD will provide a standards-based education and development program, through strong leadership, inclusivity and support. All aspects of the Match Official Development Program will be strengthened, as Development Support Team members, Match Officials and the game will benefit from a ground breaking development and training program. As an important part of the roll-out of LTOD, Ontario Soccer will be hosting Regional LTOD Information Sessions across the province.

As part of the Long Term Officials Development program, ISC is committed to keeping the Match Officials Community updated on our LTOD activities:

LTOD Update Document – Part 1

LTOD Update Document – Part 2

LTOD Update Document – Part 3

LTOD Update Document – Part 4


  • Review the PHSA database of registered qualified referees
  • Invite selected candidates for face-time interview with DR
  • Collect a hard copy of their credentials for filing
  • Police Check


  • Orientation and training where they will learn
    • Expectations from Game Official, Club, parents and players
    • What qualifies a good Game Official?
    • Club Reporting System (incident Report form) and Pay Structure
    • Onsite training in the Gym to go over different games scenarios.


  • Mid-season Evaluation Form of Game Official (Patrick)
  • Inventive Bonus Program  (Cash incentive to be given towards Official License Certificate)


An integral component of the Long Term Officials Development strategic initiative, the Match Officials Development program has introduced a Talent Identification Reporting Process with the OSA.

  • ISC acts as an agent for identifying junior Game Officials talent and submit it to the OSA for further progress
  • Official on the field showing potential and has the talent, our Director of Referees will complete the Talent Identification Survey form:
  • Once a name is provided via the survey, Ontario Soccer will forward the information to assignors and the District Referee Coordinator for follow up on the identified match official.
  • Club Technical Directors and/or technical leads are also encouraged to submit names.