Club Info

As part of our safety protocol for all kids in Mississauga, if lightning is observed and the interval between the lightning and the accompanying thunder is less than 45 seconds, all soccer activity must be stopped immediately, fields must be cleared and all participants should be advised to find a safe place (such as a car or building) to wait.

As part of player’s safety and injury prevention protocol, practices and games shall also be cancelled as a result of heavy rainy days. Always check our website for updates 45-60 minutes before attending.

Kids Soccer activity in Mississauga shall not resume for a minimum of 10 minutes following the last lightning thunder interval if less than 45 seconds.

Weather does change throughout the day. Therefore, regardless of the weather condition, our coaches will always be onsite.

Our Coaches will get updates on their cell phones every five minutes with instructions to advise their parents and players whether to stay in their cars for few minutes or come back for the game only or cancel the practices.

We can only decide an hour before practice and/or the game whether we can run the programs. Please watch for updates or any cancellations on our website.