At the International Soccer Club (ISC), we strive for a coaching development pathway that both encompasses and aligns with Canada Soccer and Ontario Soccer. Canada Soccer has developed the Canada Soccer Pathway (LTCD) and tailored the Coach Education Program to this Model. ISC is committed to Train develop and promote its coaching staff according to the LTCD pathway of Ontario Soccer.

A coaching development plan should be simple to use but comprehensive enough to avoid any misconceptions.

Let’s begin with the fundamentals. ISC focuses on the following two main elements according to its Strategic plan, Operation Plan and the Club Technical Plan:

  • Improve Coach Orientation & Training Program

  • Fund & Promote Higher Level Coach Certifications

Credentials are essential to improving as a soccer coach and are more than just a piece of paper.
One of your instructors will require the necessary credentials to demonstrate their suitability if they want to work with a different age group or eventually coach at a higher level.

The process of career development takes time.
Nothing is ever truly “done.”

As with any lengthy undertaking, it is much easier to complete when divided into manageable pieces.

Here is where you step in. You can develop an action plan to help your coaches progress from where you are now to where you want to be by evaluating your strengths and limitations.

Your strategy should be built around clear, quantifiable objectives that will allow you and your coaches to monitor progress.

The Coach Development Plan include:

  • If they have little experience, we move them into an Assistant coach roll. Pairing the coach with a more experienced coach.

  • Once evaluated there is a determination to move them forward to become head coaches.

  • Coaches are working progressively in 5 v 5 to 7 v 7 and than to 9 v 9. (One Season per group)

  • Coaches are monitored through their progression and guided into each stage.

  • Encouragement for the coaches to move onto provincial and national level licenses

  • When readied and trained the Coaches move onto an 11 v 11 team.

  • The process repeats, training and continued education.