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Nothing makes us happier than to watch women achieve success in key soccer roles. Celebrating the accomplishments of a women’s team is one thing, but it is even more satisfying to do so knowing that the team is also directed by a female.

The International Soccer Club is affiliate Member of the City of Mississauga, sanctioned member of the Ontario Soccer Association and The Peel Halton Soccer Association to operate as a Youth Recreation and Competitive Soccer Club in Mississauga.
The ISC is looking to fulfill the Part Time Position of Women Soccer Coaches.
Email your resume to we’ll pleased to invite you for an interview.

Are women able to coach a men’s soccer team?
Women are 100% capable of coaching men’s teams, but they still face societal stereotypes, a lack of opportunities, and internal battles when trying to coach them.

A 2020 study found that coaches start developing coaching beliefs beginning in childhood and during their playing careers.
Female coaches can impact the coaching beliefs and styles of future male coaches.

Benefits Of Women Soccer Coaches

  • Act as role models for women in leadership and sports.

  • Develop women’s sports through showcasing expertise.

  • Make women’s issues a priority.

  • Assist in remove negative stereotypes held by teammates, supporters, and players.

  • Bring special expertise and knowledge.

  • A variety of character traits, exactly like male coaches.



We have now seen that women are capable of coaching men’s soccer, and several trailblazers are laying the foundation for this.

You’ll be relieved to learn that women are still permitted to coach men’s soccer.
Now, for some tips to help:

Gain experience as a player at the professional level.

Build your coaching resume.

Coach boys’ teams at the grass roots and at the competitive levels.

Obtain coaching licenses.

Increase the level of teams you coach over time.

Look to assist on a men’s team.

Be firm and confident with players and staff.

Believe in your abilities.