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The International Soccer Club (the “ISC”) accepts its responsibility to children, young adults, parents, players, volunteers and staff involved in its programs and is committed to complying with Ontario Soccer’s Volunteer Screening Policy to support the foundation of a sound, safe and a healthy soccer experience in our community.  ISC recognizes that its Volunteer Screening Policy is a proactive screening measure to protect youth and to deter those not suitable to act as volunteers. ISC recognizes that it has a duty of care to take reasonable measures to care for and protect all participants. The Club’s Board of Directors has approved and pledged to comply with the Responsible Coaching Movement Pledge promoted by the Coaching Association of Canada. Furthermore, ISC adopts the Ontario Soccer’s Volunteer Screening Policy as part of its screening policy. All Coaches, Team Managers, Convenors, Match Officials, Volunteers, Officers and Directors of the Club MUST complete a Vulnerable Sector Police Records Search to comply with the Club’s Volunteer Screening Policy.  


The Club’s Volunteer Screening Panel is appointed by the Board of Directors on an annual basis and is comprised of three members; one representative with the technical expertise, the Executive Director who is responsible for Club policy and one non-voting Parent of the Club with Human Resources experience. All Club Volunteers/Employees participate in an Orientation Day that introduces them to the Club, discusses their duty and responsibilities an reviews all relevant Club Policies and expectations. Orientation is mandatory for all Volunteers and Staff. ISC’s Volunteer Screening Panel have an obligation to conduct their role in a respectful and confidential manner. Each Member of the Committee must sign an Oath of Confidentiality.

3-Positions and Risk Assessment

Definition of Positions All levels of play in soccer have been ranked by Ontario Soccer according to the level of risk associated with that position and appropriate screening measures have been assigned to each level of risk. HIGH RISK POSITIONS Coaches & Managers for all Competitive or Development Teams (Representative) Coaches & Managers for all All-Star or Select Teams MEDIUM RISK POSITIONS Coaches for Recreational Teams (U16-U19) LOW RISK POSITIONS All other Recreational Team Coaches (U3-U15) The following boundaries/limitations and guidelines are in place and are part of all Coaching Agreements, employment contracts and volunteers application forms as a further means of better risk management prevention:Boundaries/Limitations Shall never be alone with a player

    • Shall not be responsible for transportation to/from practices/games/tournaments
    • Shall not be responsible for water or snacks
    • Shall be a role model – no drugs/alcohol/smoking or abusive language at practices/games/tournaments
    • Shall comply with the Dress Code as defined by the ISC
    • Shall ADHERE to Ontario Soccer and ISC policies, including its Safety Policy, Harassment Policy, Accessibility & Inclusion Policy
    • Shall embrace ISC values, principles, and policy as per ISC Constitution
    • Shall demonstrate the ability to set and maintain standards for players (i.e. respect, self-discipline, fair play)

SCREENING MEASURES: HIGH RISK Application Form (with references)/ resume Interview by Volunteer Screening Panel/ Hiring Committee References Checked Out Police Records Check Evaluation by Club   MEDIUM RISK Application Form/ resume (Reference Checks Optional) Police Records Check   LOW RISK Application Form / resume (Reference Checks Optional) The ISC adheres to the High Risk Screening Measure, as outlined below, for all of its volunteers and its Coaches and/or other Paid Staff.

4- Volunteer and Paid Coaches Screening Process

Due to the positions of trust that are inherent in the provision of active, high quality sport activities, volunteers and employees are required to undergo a screening process based on the duties assigned by the ISC. This screening process will be comprised of the following measures:

  • Scope of Screening

Screening is an ongoing process designed to identify any person, whether paid or unpaid, volunteer or staff, who may harm children, youth or other vulnerable persons. Screening involves isolating the risks related to specific volunteer positions, and then establishing appropriate methods to reduce the risk. Screening takes place before someone starts working or volunteering and continues throughout their involvement.

  • General Screening Requirements

ISC screens all potential employees and volunteers with the following requirements:

  • Application Forms/ Resumes with references
  • Interviews
  • Reference Checks
  • Clean Police Record Checks
  • Coaching Certificates
  • Further evaluation process
  • Orientation Process
  • Ongoing Training and Education
  • Annual Coach/ Staff Evaluations
  • Screening Process
  • Volunteer Screening Panel reviews the resumes and/ or Club Application Form for all potential candidates.
  • Committee conducts a Reference Check for all High Risk Applicants.
  • Panel Members conduct preliminary phone interview to confirm interest and commitment to the position.
  • All Applicants MUST provide a clean Police Records Check with no criminal record.
  • All Applicants for coaching positions, MUST submit all required coaching certificates.
  • All Applicants for coaching positions MUST submit a Respect in Soccer Coaching Certificate.
  • Provided all requirements are satisfied, Applicants may be invited to attend for a personal interview.
  • All successful Applicants are then invited to attend a Club Orientation Day where their interaction and behaviour in a group format with other candidates is observed by Panel Members.
  • Successful Applicants are then selected by the Volunteer Screening Panel/ Hiring Committee.
  • Selected Applicants are then invited to attend a Club Orientation and Training Session to learn about the Key Performance Indicators (KPI), coaching duties and obligations, management of people, behaviour and process, and Player/ Parent and Club expectations.

(d)          Evaluation Process:

  • Continuous feedback is given to coaches, match officials and staff throughout the year by the Executive Director, Technical Director or Head Referee, as applicable.
  • All coaches, match officials and staff are formally evaluated by the Executive Director, Technical Director or Head Referee, as applicable, on an annual basis following the Outdoor Season.

5- Confidential Information

  • ISC collects personal information of all candidates for the screening purpose only
  • Personal information re: candidates is only disclosed to Volunteer Screening Panel and/or Hiring Committee.
  • All personal information is kept at a safe and secure location.
  • All personal information is returned to Applicants, if they are not selected as coaches, staff or volunteers.
  • If any personal information is not picked up by an unsuccessful Applicant within 90 days following notice, the information is destroyed by the Club.
  • After review of all originals, the Club will keep copies or originals of documents.


I, _________________________________________ hereby acknowledge and agree that any and all confidential information which has either been obtained by me personally or to which has been provided to me for specific screening purposes, directly or indirectly, in relation to my involvement with the ISC shall be held in the strictest of confidence.  This includes all business related to the Club (ie. financial information, personnel issues relating to staff and/or volunteers, and participant/ player/ family information). I also further agree not to disclose to any other party nor use any of such confidential information documentation for any other purposes except for the intended use in conjunction with the screening process maintained by the ISC. I fully understand that a breach of this Oath may result in my being asked to leave my position with the ISC. I have read and understand all of the above. Name:             __________________________________ (please print name) Signature:       ___________________________________ Date:               ___________________________________