High Performance

The Provincial Program is available to all ISC players and any Ontario Soccer registered players who are competing at either an U13, to U17 age group.

The Provincial Program will focus on player screening, talent identification and benchmarking of players through competition.

The U13 to U17 Provincial Projects will take place from January to April. It will involve one weekend of three player screening weekends per month (January, February and March) and one preparation weekend and one inter-Provincial Teams competition in April.

It is at the inter-Provincial Competition in April where the Canada Soccer Excel Technical Staff will be present to scout the players for potential invite to Canada Soccer National Excel Environments.

Player recommendation process into a Talent on Location Day (TOLD)

TOLD events operate at the U-13, U-14 and U-15 age groups which are in alignment with the Provincial Team (PT) Programs at U-13 to U-17. All Ontario Soccer membership players are eligible to request an invite to attend a TOLD event. The ages are U-13 to U-17, via a recommendation process from The International Soccer Club. Players that are identified via the TOLD are then invited to attend the upcoming Provincial Screening Competition (PSC).

Players identified via the TOLD process can then be invited to continue their progress in the Provincial Team Player Identification Process via the following three steps:

  1. Provincial Screening Competition (PSC)
  2. Provincial Projects (PP)
  3. Provincial Team (PT)

Provincial Screening Competition (PSC)

PSC events are conducted annually in November. They consist of players who are scouted and identified within the OPDL, League1 Ontario and players who are identified in TOLD. Players identified within the PSC are invited to attend the Provincial Projects. PSC events are for players who are within the U-13, U-14 and U15 male and female age groups.

Provincial Projects (PP)

PP events are conducted annually starting in January, following the November PSC events. They consist of the players identified within the November PSC and they are scheduled on weekends. The PP weekends operate once per month in January, February and March. It is during the PP weekends that the Provincial Staff identify the 22 players for U-14, U-15 and U-16 males and females into the Provincial Team.

Provincial Team (PT)

PT events will involve the 22 players per age and gender that are conducted in the month of April. These events will consist of up to two pre-competition weekends and an inter-Provincial Competition conducted in the final weekend of April. At these events, Canada Soccer’s National Team Staff will be in attendance to identify players for their National Excel Programs.

For further information or to request a recommendation letter to start your journey to the National Team, please contact the Club at info@internationalsoccerclub.ca


https://www.ontariosoccer.net/Ontario Soccer Player Recommendation