Return To Play – Health & Safety Guide

No activity ‐ a recovery stage with complete physical and cognitive rest. This means no
exercise or sports but can also mean not going to school, or having a shortened day. This
is a time to get lots of rest, get plenty of sleep, and eat well.

Light aerobic exercise to increase heart rate (keep to less than 70% of maximum
predicted heart rate), including 5 to 10 minutes of walking, light jogging, swimming, or
stationary cycling, but no resistance training.

Sport‐specific exercise to add movement, such as running drills, moderate jogging, brief
running, moderate‐intensity stationary cycling, but no head impact activities. The goal is
for the player to have some limited body and head movement, but the amount of time
should still be limited to less than they usually spends exercising.

Non‐contact training drills to raise exercise, coordination, and cognitive load, including
progression to more complex training drills and resistance training, sprinting and running,
high‐intensity stationary cycling. This is a more intense workout that is close to the
player’s usual routine but is not to include any contact activity.

Full contact practice to restore confidence and assess functional skills and following
medical clearance may participate in normal training activities.

Return to play – Written medical clearance provided by Parent/ Medical Doctor


Concussion Policy

International Soccer Club follows and adopts Canada Soccer’s Concussion Policy with respect to addressing concussion issues that may arise in relation to the sanctioned soccer activities of the Club.
For more information please see Canada Soccer’s Concussion Guide

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