High Performance

2023 High Performance Training Program

International Soccer Club is proud to offer High-Performance Program (HPP) for Players who are seeking to develop and grow at a faster pace and prepare for Professional Soccer and/or for Scholarships in the USA or in Canada. The Program is for players 9 years of age and older.

Program Includes:

  • 2-hour Training Sessions Twice/Week.
  • Location: Outdoor field at Erin Mills & Britannia 6:00-8:00 PM during July & August and Indoor at Paramount Sport Zone 4:00PM to 6:00PM during September to June (the school year).
  • School Pick-up option is available.
  • Skill focus Training
  • Individualized Ball Work
  • Tactical Training
  • Game Analysis
  • Performance Evaluations

High Performance Program – Scholarship and/or Professional Pathway

In Addition to the Private sessions, The HPP is an extension to the player’s enrollment in the Club Rep Competitive or Development Teams and is a Fusion of Competitive Development and High-Performance Training tailored towards the player specific needs towards Professional Soccer and/or Scholarships

  • HPP is 12 months/year.
  • Will include all the Private One-on-One Training Sessions +
  • Each Player will train Twice/Week with Certified Physical Trainer for tailored physical growth and development curriculum, a Nutritionist to design her/his meal plan and a Professional Soccer Coach to work on the Technical and Tactical elements of the development.
  • The program is selective based and each Player and her/his Guardian will go through selection Process.
  • A detailed player evaluation to identify her/his Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities and her/his Threats based on the four pillars.
  • A custom tailored training program with nutrition schedule will be created for the player and will be monitored weekly by the High Performance Coaching Staff.
  • The program will also create a profile for the player and will introduce him to University Coaches and Club Coaches. Through show casing tournaments and promo videos for the player, the High Performance
  • Individualized Fitness plans
  • Individualized Nutrition plans
  • 4 Pillars focus Training
  • Game Analysis
  • Sport Psychology Training
  • Video Highlight Package for Showcase.