High Performance

The ISC is proud to offer a High Performance Pathway for players who are seeking preparation for Pro Soccer or for Scholarships in the USA or in Canada. The program runs during the school year. Two hours of training/day ,2 days/week from 4:00PM to 6:00PM. School Pick up option is available. The program is selective based and each player will go through detailed evaluation to identify her/his Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities and her/his Threats based on the four pillars. A custom tailored training program with nutrition schedule will be created for the player and will be monitored weekly by the High Performance Coaching Staff. The program will also create a profile for the player and will introduce him to University Coaches and Club Coaches. Through show casing tournaments and promo videos for the player, the High Performance Program accept players 13+.

The Professional Soccer Program is part of ISC High Performance Pathway. The Program is an initiative presented by the International Soccer Club (ISC). This program is specifically designed to be Player Centric. The Professional Path, High Performance Program offers:

  • Individualized Fitness plans
  • Individualized Nutrition plans
  • Skill focus Training
  • Individualized Ball Work
  • Tactical Training
  • Game Analysis
  • Sport Psychology Training
  • Performance Evaluations
  • Video Highlight Package
  • Resume Building
  • Recruitment Assessment
  • Classroom Sessions
  • Opportunity to Tryout with a Professional Team in Europe or South America