Looking for a Few Talented Players in All Ages.

Call Now to Book your Tryout session (905) 824-7242 ext 303 or Email to tryout

    • Professional Coaches from Argentina, Brazil, Portugal and England
    • UEFA A and UEFA B License Coaches
    • Full Time and Part Time Coaching Staff
    • Soccer Development Curriculum tailored for Each Team

    The Commitment is four times/week (three Weeknight Practices + Weekend game at the Mississauga Paramount Competitive League (Previously Hershey League). Schedules shall be posted once the League announces them.

    • Practices Three times a week
    • Goalkeeper specific Training
    • Exhibition games organized by Team Manager during Practice Schedule
    • Mississauga Paramount Competitive League weekly game
    • All PHSA and OSA Admin and Insurance fees
    • Training and Facility Rental
    • Certified and Paid Coach

New Players Only (Uniform Package fees are extra)

  • Two sets of Adidas Uniforms (ISC Shirt, Shorts and Socks – home and away)
  • Practice T-Shirt
  • Adidas Bag
  • Adidas Track Suit and Pants

Rep League runs officially from the date the teams have enough players for a kick start, usually by Mid April and goes until the last day of the PHDL by early September of every year, however we would like to continue practices and schedule exhibition games for as long as the weather permits.

In the Fall and Winter, the Rep League runs officially from the date the teams have enough players for a kick start, usually by Mid September and goes until the last day of the Paramount Indoor League by mid April of the following year.

We understand that families do have travel plans and holidays over the Summer and evening commitments during the School year. Thus, to ensure that we maintain each player’s continual improvement despite being away for vacation, we increase the volume of regular weekly practices and focus on implementing the Club’s Technical Program throughout the season during these Practices. Therefore, the commitment this season onward shall be Four Times a Week; Practices Three Times a Week, including a Technical Training Session every week, plus a game. Team managers shall provide the link to game schedules once it is posted.


Rep Tryouts Every Monday All ages. To Book your Tryout session, please call (905) 824-7242 ext 303 or email the Club to tryout.

International Soccer Club in Mississauga

International Soccer Club is a Not for Profit Incorporation focuses on developing the players’ soccer skills in a fun, relaxing and enjoyable environment.

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