January 10, 2023

5 benefits of playing soccer for kids

Soccer is the most important sport and is followed by children and adults no matter their age, gender, or country they are living in. 

The International Soccer Club provides the Safest Developing Environment for its players through the finest Coaching staff and the best facilities in our community in Mississauga.

When to start practicing Soccer?

According to Unicef Kid Power, ages 3 to 6 is a good starting age for kids in Soccer.

Unicef Kid said, on the lower end of this age group, it is important to know your kid. While the above may still apply, if you feel your kid’s attention span has improved and they have expressed an interest in playing soccer, it could be a good time to get them involved with your local soccer club.

International Soccer Club offers Indoor Soccer Kids and Outdoor Soccer Kids Leagues.

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If you still doubt, here are 5 Benefits of Playing Soccer. 

1. Improves motor coordination. Soccer is a very active sport that improves endurance and speed, as well as motor and visuospatial coordination to handle the ball with the feet while running, making passes, or scoring goals. It also improves peripheral vision, reaction speed, and physical agility.

2. Improves the child’s discipline, helping him to respect the rules.

3. Strengthens muscles and bones. Soccer is a very complete sport that involves different muscle groups while activating all the joints. Therefore, it serves to increase the strength of the muscles, while increasing testosterone levels that help form more muscle tissue.

4. Encourage teamwork. Like all team sports, it improves participation and collaboration with other team members, which they can transfer to other fields of their lives.

5. Improves the development of logical abilities. Children enhance their logical ability to think of the most appropriate move.

The International Soccer Club is dedicated to developing the technical, tactical, physical and psychological elements of the players at the Recreation and the Competitive levels at affordable rates for all players fostering a respectful environment that educates and promotes equality safety and healthy multicultural society free from discrimination and bullying.