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International Soccer Club (ISC) is proud to embrace the Long Term Player Development (LTPD) vision of the soccer game in our community and in Ontario. LTPD offers a comprehensive path for developing all players at all skill levels and for appropriately all ages. LTPD emphasizes on improving and training coaches and referees who are engaged with players of all ages. LTPD also focuses on the development of the technical, the tactical, the physical, and the psychological performance of players in all age groups.

The performance components are broken down to goals and objectives needed to be considered and trained in 7 Fundamental Stages of Development commencing at the early ages of four that will continue all the way to men and women in recreational and competitive soccer.

ISC developmental curriculum is fully embodied through the philosophy and principles of LTPD. The new guidelines and objectives will simply enhance its quality and allow the Club to develop all players within the LTPD guidelines and recommendations in 2012 and onwards.

The focus at the International Soccer Club has always been on the Socio Cultural Awareness and also on developing the players’ soccer skills in a fun, relaxing and enjoyable environment. As part of our continued commitment to the Long Term Player Development (LTPD) adopted by the Ontario Soccer Association (OSA), we are not keeping scores of games nor team standings for any of our age groups. LTPD is here to stay so please familiarize yourself with its concepts and for further information, please feel free to check one of the few links below:

The International Soccer Club in Mississauga is a Not for Profit Incorporation offering Soccer to our younger generations.

The Club is offering Indoor and Outdoor soccer in Mississauga for kids ages four to fifteen.
We are currently registered with the City of Mississauga as a Volunteer Community Group. The Club is also a Sanctioned Member of the Ontario Soccer Association and the Peel Halton Soccer Association.

In the last few of years we have captured the attention of more than 400,000 residents in Mississauga, more than 20 Consul General offices in Toronto and 17 Embassies in Ottawa when CBC, CTV News, Rogers TV and the local newspapers covered us launching the first Educational House League Soccer Program in Canada for Children and Youth ages 4-15. Last summer our website had more than 75,000 hits between the month of May and August of 2011.

Our program is a fusion of athletic development and socio culture awareness. The program is designed to utilize soccer as a tool to equip our younger generation with a stronger awareness and a better understanding of the world we live in.

Using a true replication of the different national soccer team uniforms and national country flags, our league is structured so every team in every age group represents one of the World National Soccer Teams. Regardless of the players’ ethnic background, kids are assigned to teams based on their skill level. As we are learning about soccer during the weekly games and weekly practices, every team gets to learn about the country they represent. Every player, age 4 to 15, has weekly homework answering questions about the country they play for.

ISC is also proud to introduce IMFC Soccer Teams in Mississauga who represent ISC at the Hershey League every indoor season and at the Summer Tournaments in Ontario every outdoor season.